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In June 2012 a new law was passed an therefore we need to inform you about the cookies that could be placed on your computer when visiting Cookies are small text files that could be send along when visiting a page on a website to your browser (for example Internet Explorer or Firefox) and stored on the harddisk of your computer with the intention that during a next visit to the same site it can be retrieved again so you are indentified as a user. While browsing both we or third parties can’t and won’t gather information about your use of or other websites, for example by the use of so called tracking cookies.

First and third party cookies.
While visiting our own cookies, but no third party cookies can be placed on your computer. Our own cookies are made by or for, and will be placed om your computer. Only has access to these cookies and the information that is stored. This is what we call first party cookies. These cookies are used by to store your settings. Cookies of third parties are made by or for third parties, however they are not used on this website. These are what we call third party cookies.

Deny and removal of cookies.
You can adjust settings in your browser in such a way that you won’t receive any new cookies on your next visit to The way how differs per browser, so please consult the help function of your browser. Besides that there is another possibility, you can deny both individual or general refuse all cookies of by visiting Here you can see what cookies are active in your browser. It also states per browser how you can remove placed cookies.

If you refuse or remove cookies it can lead to not being able to use al the possibilities of or not getting access to (certain parts of) It can also lead that settings can’t be stored and so you will have to change them every visit.

Please note: the refusal or removal of cookies only has consequences on the computer and browser you do these actions on. In case you use multiple computers and/or browsers you will have to do the above mentioned steps again.

If you do wish to use cookies, make sure to log out and close the browser on a public computer before leaving it.

On the personal data that is placed on as in the placed cookies we also enforce our Privacy Statement.

Changes in this policy.
Profielslijperij Wassens will keep their right to change this cookie policy. Every change will be published on this page. We recommend you to revisit this page on a regular basis, so you are always informed with our latest cookie policy.

This cookie statement is last changed on April 10th. 2014.