The company

Wassens Profielslijperij started in 1995 in Didam, the Netherlands.?In 1997 that location was outgrown and therefore the company moved to the business-center “de Helhoek” in Groessen, also in the Netherlands
The most important activity of the company is surface- and profilegrinding of components that require an exceptional degree of accuracy.
We specialize mainly in surface- and profilegrinding of hard to manipulate parts, that are made of tool steel or carbide. We maintain very high quality standards.

We can handle and guarantee shape and position-tolerances to 0,002mm and roughness Ra to 0,02µm.
The first two years we mainly manufactured parts for the semiconductor and the connector industry. The years following we expanded making parts for the injection molding, optical, paperworks and textile industry. Recently, we make parts for car manufacturers in Germany. We make a lot of varieties of cutters and benders.

To be able to deliver the high quality standards on manufactured parts, our machinery exclusively consists out of “JUNG” equipment. The gathered experience of the past 20 years has given us a large scale of possibilities to responde to almost any inquiry out of any business with success.

In summary. We provide surface- and profilegrinding:

  • Steel and carbide parts for cuttingtools
  • Steel and carbide parts for bendingtools
  • Parts for injection molding
  • Carbide cutters for paper and textile industry
  • Machineparts for the optical industry
  • Parts for the semiconductor industry
  • Parts for the automotive industry

What guarantees do we provide?

  • Our team finishes every assignment with utmost care.
  • “Last minute” orders can be accepted almost every time.
  • The agreed “to deliverytime” is always respected.
  • Large flexibility and optimum quality.